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Catalogue Purchase Limits Increased & Risturn Tables Organized According to Sectors

  • Updated date : 02.28.2023

In order to ensure uniformity in the processes applied in the supply of goods and services, which are within the scope of activity of our Directorate General, and to increase efficiency in works and transactions, some regulations have been made to be effective as of 01 April 2021;

  1. Monetary Limitations and Amount Discounts Tables Updated

Within the scope of the purchase agreements for open sales, the direct order limit for the requests to be made from a single company for the materials offered for sale on DMO e-sales portal has been increased from 500,000 TL to 800,000 TL.

In this framework, the requests between 800,001 TL and 1,600,000 TL will be met by restricted tender procedure, and the requests over 1,600,000 TL will be met through tenders within the scope of DMO Procurement Regulation.

However, requests up to 2,000,000 TL for medical devices with OKAS (Common Public Procurement Dictionary) code starting with “33” can be met limited to 1 (one) product with UTS registration.

In addition to these regulations, for products whose unit sales price exceeds the first discount level in the relevant amount discount table; “Amount discount” will not be applied for this product in the orders to be given, provided that the order quantity is 1 piece.

APPENDIX-1 General Catalogue Amount Discount Table                                

APPENDIX-2 SME Catalogue Amount Discount Table                                                    

APPENDIX-3 Techno Catalogue Amount Discount Table

  1. Risturn Tables Organized According to Sectors

In order to increase the number of risturn tables to 10 based on the main product groups according to the sectors, it has been decided to replace the return table in the annex of the General Catalogue Announcement with ANNEX-5 and the return table in the SME Catalogue Announcement with ANNEX-6 and put it into practice in the risturn calculations to be made as of 01.04.2021.