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Protocol Has Been Signed to Support Eco-Labeled Products

  • Updated date : 02.28.2023

A co-operation protocol was signed between the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Directorate General of State Supply Office on 06.04.2021 to promote products with eco-labels.

With the protocol prepared to increase the demand for products with eco-labels and to support the suppliers of these products, it is aimed to raise awareness about environmental labeling practices and to expand sustainable public procurement.

With this Protocol, which will set an example for the applicability of environmentalist public procurement, which has come to the fore in recent years, also in our country, it is planned to work on important topics such as

  • Ensuring mutual exchange of information on products with eco-labels,
  • Prioritizing the eco-labeled products that are being sold on DMO e-sales portal,
  • Carrying out studies to raise awareness on sustainable public procurement and environmental labeling practices,
  • Developing additional measures to promote eco-labeled products by mutual agreement.