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New Criteria for e-Invoices to be Issued

  • Updated date : 03.01.2023

As it is known, the State Supply Office has been carrying out studies for the transfer of the procurement transactions it conducts on behalf of public institutions and organizations to electronic media in matters falling within its field of activity. The e-invoice transformation, within the scope of these studies, was completed in 2018 and our Office’s e-invoice obligation continues. At this point, additional development studies are carried out in the control and acceptance processes of e-invoices issued to our Office by our suppliers for both order management and fast and timely payment. As a result of these studies, the technical details of which can be found in the attached guide, e-invoices that do not comply with the specified technical issues will be returned.

The main technical issues to be evaluated within the scope of the study are;

  1. DMO Order Number check
  2. E-invoice issue date control
  3. Total order amount check
  4. Withholding amount control
  5. Issuing e-invoice with the TIN information of the ordered supplier registered in DMO

This application, which has been put into use for control and monitoring purposes, will be mandatory as of 01.10.2021.

In the next stage of this study, DMO product number will be included in the e-invoices issued by the suppliers and product-based controls will be made. The technical details on this subject and the announcement regarding the final point of the study will be shared at a later date.

Respectfully announced to the public.

E-Invoice Guide