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Information About E-Invoice Criteria

  • Updated date : 03.01.2023

As it is known, the technical issues to be complied with in e-invoices to be issued to our Office were announced on 09.09.2021 through the publication of a detailed guide. Subjects to be implemented on 01.10.2021 are shown in the list below.

  1. DMO Order Number check
  2. E-invoice issue date control
  3. Total order amount check
  4. Withholding amount control
  5. Issuing e-invoice with the TIN information of the ordered supplier registered in DMO

As of 01.10.2021, the specified issues will be implemented for all our suppliers.

On the other hand, in the second stage of technical issues, there are controls for the products included in the e-invoices. Suppliers are required to specify the DMO Product Numbers of the products they include in the e-invoices they issue.

In order for our suppliers to adapt to this work and to prevent grievances, e-invoices to be issued within the scope of Healthcare Products Market will be put into use as a pilot application. In addition, suppliers that are not within the scope of Healthcare Products Market can also include the DMO Product Number in the e-invoices they will issue after completing their technical preparations.

Considering the detailed implementation and the possibility that compliance may require a process for suppliers, it is important that our suppliers review the published technical guide and complete their work immediately. The application will be put into effect as of 01.11.2021.

IMPORTANT: Suppliers should not issue partial e-invoices until the application is put into use, without complying with the considerations mentioned above and details of which are given in the attached technical guide. Otherwise, these e-invoices will not be processed.

The studies carried out will contribute to the development of procurement processes, and it is important that the current announcements and news are followed.

E-Invoice Guide