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Important Step For Our Suppliers! Company Portal Has Been Launched!

  • Updated date : 03.01.2023

In order for our suppliers to carry out their contracts and also works and transactions related to the products included in their contracts more easily and quickly, the Company Portal prepared by our Office has been put into use.

Through the portal;

  • Applications for removing products from the contract, revising prices for products, temporarily suspending the sale of the product and requesting price campaigns can be created under the Applications heading.
  • Under the heading of Accounting, details of invoices issued to our Office by Companies, payments and deductions related to these invoices,
  • Under the Contracts heading, information regarding the expired and ongoing contracts,
  • Under the heading of Orders, detailed information of all catalogue and miscellaneous orders,
  • Under the Guarantees heading, details of the guarantees given to our Office,
  • Under the heading of My Company, detailed company information and documents related to company officials.

can be viewed.

With the Company Portal application, the digital channel established between our Office and companies is aimed to provide convenience to companies by receiving more applications and detailing the shared information in the future.

You can access the Company Portal at and call our Call Center at 444 5 366 for your questions.