Attendance by DMO General Directorate at the Assembly Meeting Held in TOBB

  • Updated date : 01.31.2019

Turkey Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Council Meeting was held in TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) Union Center on January 23, 2019 with the participation of DMO General Director Mücahit CİVRİZ, TOBB Board Member Mr. Mehmet BÜYÜKSİMİTCİ, Public Procurement Agency Vice President Mr. Murat İLBARS and Council President Mr. Kutlu KARAVELİOĞLU and sector representatives.

DMO General Director gave the participants information about the renewed processes of DMO and gave a speech on “The Role of DMO in Public Procurement and Machine Sector Applications in DMO”.  Talking about the practices in DMO in order to support domestic production in our country in his speech, Mr. CİVRİZ said that “We sell 100 percent domestic products in 22 of the 35 main product groups in our catalogue system. In the remaining sectors except informatics, the rate of domestic products is also high. The rate of our domestic products sales is 70 percent. In this regard, we endeavor to undertake important works by closely working with non-governmental organizations, professional chambers and related public administrations. If we, with the same aim, want to make all that we argue here become a policy, the establishment of a Localization Council consisting of the authorities from different institutions, non-governmental organizations and especially DMO, and the production of policies with common mind will be very beneficial for the development of our country and will be a solution to the problems we are talking about today.”.

At the Council Meeting, where the authorities of the Public Procurement Authority were present, the difficulties in domestic products support practices in Public Procurement Law were discussed. Mr. BÜYÜKSİMİTCİ gave detailed information to the members of the Council = Revize edilmesi öngörülen Türkçe metne göre yeniden düzenlenecek (Mehmet BÜYÜKSİMİTCİ, TOBB yapılan şura hakkında meclis üyelerine kapsayıcı ve detaylı bilgi verdi.). Council Advisor Dr. Ruhi GÜRDAL made an informative presentation.

In the meeting,  ideas on the Sectoral Council to be organized by TOBB Sector Councils in the forthcoming period were exchanged.